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Big Show Bulletin

Books- Good for Reading & Crafting!

Did you know October is National Book Month? Books are wonderful in many ways- they can teach us new skills, escape to a fantasy world, and wrap us up in the twists and turns of a good mystery. But what to do with all the old, tattered books you have laying around that are in too rough of shape to donate? Don’t throw them out, craft with them!

There are a variety of crafts you can make with old books. Check out our list below for ideas and inspiration!

  1. Flowers- Flowers are a good, introductory way to get into book crafts. They work great as party decorations (you can even lightly spray paint them for a pop of color) or make a variety of floral types to make a beautiful, lightweight wreath. Source: All flower projects are from HomeBNC’s 30+ Special DIY Craft Ideas to Make With Vintage Books
  2. Book Knife Block- Want a knife block but don’t want to foot the expensive price tag? Make a book knife block! Home Talk DIY has great instructions for this project that belongs in any book worm’s kitchen.
  3. Book Word Art- A word made of words! You’ve probably seen these trendy book word art projects around. Want to make your own but not sure where to start? Eco Friendly DIY has great instructions to get you started! Make a book with your last name, spell out your favorite season, or anything else you like!
  4. Stacked Book Display- Stacked books art is trendy and will look perfect if you have other farmhouse décor. Painted hardback books work best for this recipe. You can use printing instructions like from Grow It Build It blog for the letting or get creative with calligraphy brush pens. Make your stack as tall or short as your saying. You can even make a multi-season stack by making a top book say “Happy” and create interchangeable, colorful bottom books with “Spring”, “Harvest”, “Summer”, and “Snowman Season."
Save your Book Masterpiece for Wyoming’s Big Show

Don’t forget to enter book-tacular project in Wyoming’s Big Show crafts division. You could win bragging rights, awards, and premium money for more books!

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