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Livestock Auction

Saturday - August 1, 2020
Sweetwater Events Complex Indoor Arena

Buyers BBQ at 12 noon
Auction at 2 pm
Dear Junior Livestock Auction Buyer;

On behalf of the 4H and FFA members of Sweetwater and Daggett Counties we would like to invite you to attend the 2020 Sweetwater County Junior Livestock Auction to be held August 1, 2020, at 2:00 pm in the indoor arena at the Sweetwater County Events Complex. We encourage you to attend our annual complimentary buyers BBQ starting at 12:00 noon. Your support of the Junior Livestock Auction has made it one of the most successful in the state of Wyoming for the last several years.

Mountain Meats of Craig, Colorado, has been contracted to slaughter and process the sale animals. If you would like to visit with them prior to the fair you can contact them at 970-824-4878. If this is the processing option you choose, your animal will be shipped after County fair to Craig, Colorado, where it will be cut per your instructions, then delivered back to Rock Springs. If you choose to use another processor, please make arrangements with them to have your animal picked up on Sunday morning August 2, 2020, by 9:00 am.

We encourage early arrival for registration which will be located behind the auctioneer; this is where you will obtain your buyer number. Before you leave the auction, we ask that you return to the registration table to sign for you purchases and receive an invoice. You can pay at any time during the auction. We are excited to accept credit card payments, with a processing fee of 3% all payments are due within 60 days from purchase date (August 1, 2020). For every month that your purchase is left unpaid it will incur a 2% interest charge until paid. We greatly appreciate your prompt payment and support of the 4H and FFA programs.

If you prefer to pre-register for the auction, please call or email one of the auction clerks listed below and they will send you a purchase agreement. If you cannot attend the auction and would like to purchase an animal, please contact one of the auction clerks to make such arrangements.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to call or email us at your convenience. Your continued support of the Junior Livestock Auction is greatly appreciated! Thank you for making the Sweetwater County 4H and FFA programs such a great success!!

New in 2020 - Purchase Auction Animals Online

The Sweetwater County Junior Livestock Auction will be adding an online option, in addition to the in-person auction, to allow buyers to attend the auction virtually. Purchases can be made anywhere there is a high-speed internet connection. The online auction will be hosted by MM Auction Services.

Instructions for online bidding can be found at:

Buyers may view and participate in the online auction once it opens at:

There will be a 0.04% online buyer’s premium for all online sales. This will be in addition to the final purchase price.
e.g. $1,000.00 Final purchase price made online
$1,000.00 x 0.0004 = $0.40 Online buyer’s premium
$1,000.00 + $0.40 = $1.000.40 Total sale price

Beef Participants

Name Club Species
Baker, Saige Farson Livestock Beef
Benson, Haley Corral Crew Beef
Brady, Chandra Lucerne Beef
Brady, Simeon Lucerne Beef
Christensen, Jordan Corral Crew Beef
Davies, KaeJay McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Davies, Keaton McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Dickinson, Ian Corral Crew Beef
Eaton, Addison Farson Livestock Beef
Eaton, Drew Farson Livestock Beef
Folks, Ashten Sagehoppers Beef
Folks, Kyra Sagehoppers Beef
Gines, Brystoll Farson Livestock Beef
Goodman, Ryker Lucerne Beef
Griffin, Bailey Corral Crew Beef
Griffin, Stephen Corral Crew Beef
Halladay, Klaine Farson Livestock Beef
Henry, Bill Lucerne Beef
Hernandez, Taylor Corral Crew Beef
Hughes, Camden Lucerne Beef
Hughes, Carsten Lucerne Beef
Hughes, Kyler Lucerne Beef
Jones, Cadence Farson Livestock Beef
Jones, Carson Farson Livestock Beef
Jones, Cashton Farson Livestock Beef
Jones, Colby Farson Livestock Beef
Jones, Cree Farson Livestock Beef
King, Micah Farson Livestock Beef
Macy, Bishop Sage Hoppers Beef
Macy, Daryn Corral Crew & FFA Beef
Macy, Destiny Sagehoppers Beef
Macy, Kaison Corral Crew Beef
Malec, Colin Farson Livestock Beef
Neilson, Bailee Farson Livestock Beef
Neilson, Paden Farson Livestock Beef
Neilson, Paige Farson Livestock Beef
Neilson, Rylee Farson Livestock Beef
Pendleton, Gatlin Lucerne Beef
Pendleton, Gradie Lucerne Beef
Potter, Brycin McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Potter, Charly McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Potter, Colton McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Potter, DJ McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Potter, Logan McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Potter, Oakley McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Scheer, Aden Farson Livestock Beef
Smith, Jacob Farson Livestock Beef
Smith, Matthew Farson Livestock Beef
Smith, Rebecca Farson Livestock Beef
Westerberg, Chase McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Westerberg, Tracie McKinnon Wranglers Beef
Young, Stetzen McKinnon Wranglers Beef

Goat Participants

Name Club Species
Gardea, Delaney FFA Goat
Lloyd, Kaden Project Hope Goat
Lloyd, Kamilyn Project Hope Goat
Mikesell, Zachery Project Hope Goat
Walker, Colton Project Hope Goat
Walker, Samuel Project Hope Goat
Weaver, Amanda Wyoming West Goat
Weaver, Marilyn Wyoming West Goat
Weaver, Montgomery Wyoming West Goat

Sheep Participants

Name Club Species
Benson, Haley Corral Crew Sheep
Boodleman, Aubrey Wyoming West Sheep
Christensen, Jordan Corral Crew Sheep
Daley, Dillon Misfts Sheep
Daley, Hunter Misfts Sheep
Duncombe, Ranger Corral Crew Sheep
Flores, Justin FFA & Misfits Sheep
Kitchel, Kohl McKinnon Wranglers Sheep
Kitchel, Sierra McKinnon Wranglers Sheep
Lloyd Jakob Project Hope Sheep
Loubigihl, Chance Corral Crew Sheep
Lugibihl, Brody Corral Crew Sheep
Neher, Ivory Project Hope Sheep
Olsen, Jaycee Lucerne Sheep
Philpott, Marissa Corral Crew Sheep
Philpott, Nakel Corral Crew Sheep

Swine Participants

Name Club Species
Anderson, Christian Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Bernard, Dawson Project Hope Swine
Bernard, Madison Project Hope Swine
Cordova, Rayan Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Cordova, Ryley Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Dale, Brandon Sagehoppers Swine
Dale, Brian Sagehoppers Swine
Dale, Brianna Sagehoppers Swine
Davies, Skylynn Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Flores, Justin FFA & Misfits Swine
Folks, Ashten Sagehoppers Swine
Folks, Kyra Sagehoppers Swine
Gardea, Delaney FFA & Project Hope Swine
Goodman, Teague Lucerne Swine
Houchin, Gavin Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Jones, Haley Wyoming West Swine
Jones, Tacelyn Wyoming West Swine
King, Kayda Farson Livestock Swine
Koshar, Daviney Corral Crew Swine
Koshar, Julia Corral Crew Swine
Koshar, Landin Corral Crew Swine
Kroupa, Brohdan Project Hope Swine
Lail, Benjamin Lucerne Swine
Lail, Brackin Lucerne Swine
Logan, Brenlee Corral Crew Swine
Lucero, Ashton FFA & Wild Hogs Swine
Macy, Bishop Sagehoppers Swine
Macy, Destiny Sagehoppers Swine
Mikesell, Zackery FFA & Project Hope Swine
Muir, Avaree Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Muir, Cody Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Muir, Wyatt Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Neher, Aiden Wild Hogs Swine
Neher, Andrew Wild Hogs Swine
Neher, Ivory Project Hope Swine
Neher, Jeremy Project Hope Swine
Pottmeyer, Baleigh Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Price, Brylee Project Hope Swine
Rasmussen, Breckyn Project Hope Swine
Rasmussen, Karli Project Hope Swine
Reddon, Makenzie Farson Livestock Swine
Reddon, Randal Farson Livestock Swine
Scoggin, Adia Project Hope Swine
Smith, Dax Sagehoppers Swine
Smith, Daylan Sagehoppers Swine
Spelbring, Coral Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Spelbring, Curtis Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Spelbring, Patrick Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Swanson, Myleah Project Hope Swine
Tait, Macey Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Tait, Maddox Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Tait, Madison FFA & Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Tait, Mitchell Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Thomas, Avery Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Thomas, Cope Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Thomas, Rhyan Mckinnon Wranglers Swine
Tyler, Kolten Corral Crew Swine
Weaver, Amanda Wyoming West Swine
Weaver, Marilyn Wyoming West Swine
Weaver, Mark Wyoming West Swine
Weese, Connor Wyoming West Swine
Weese, Katherine Wyoming West Swine
Wilde, Imagin Mckinnon Wranglers Swine

Turkey Participant

Name Club Species
Stanton, Molly Project Hope Turkey
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