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Sweetwater Classic AQHA & All Breed Show

Date: June 11 - June 13, 2021
Time: 7:30 AM
Show Manager:
Keri Croft
12295 Dimmick Rd NE
Woodburn, OR 97071
(503) 537-9845

Show Secretary:
Marla Fadel
1086 South 200 East
Farmington, UT 84025
(801) 682-7521 (Cell)
(866) 936-2086 (Fax)

Events Dates

Sweetwater Classic AQHA & All Breed Show
June 11 - June 13, 2021 | 7:30 AM

Additional Choice for Stalls

Show Management has reserved a row of stalls in the newer section of stalls this year because of the feedback from last year’s exhibitors. These stalls come with lighting, electrical hook ups and asphalt floors. They also are about 100 yards from the indoor arena and probably the same distance from the wash racks.There are no speaker systems to hear what is happening at the indoor arena.

Exhibitors can go online to Sweetwater Events Complex and click on Facility Maps. On the map, the Indoor Arena is shown in purple and the yellow lines to the right of the Indoor Arena are the old stalls and wash rack.

Old Stalls do not have lighting and have very limited power. They are not safely capable of supporting all the electrical needs of each stall and a breaker may activate if overloaded. The newer stalls are shown further to the right in a more golden color and listed as Temporary Horse Stalls.

All stalls are the same price. If the exhibitor chooses to bed stalls with shavings, those can be bought and taken care of thru the show secretary and the show.

Mats are available to rent thru the Events Complex. The contact phone number for the Events Complex is: 307-352-6789. The show cannot take care of the requirements to rent mats. The cost to rent mats for the show is $120 for 4 days. Exhibitors will need to put a credit card on file with the Events Complex and provide basic personal information such as who is renting the mats, name, address, etc. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damaged or missing mats. The damaged mat fee is $20/mat.

The show will assign stalls thru the stall manager. The show will then notify the Events Complex as to which stall/stalls the exhibitor has reserved and the Events Complex will put the mats in the assigned stall/stalls. The Events Complex cannot put mats in a stall/stalls that does not have the credit card information already on file.

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